5 Keys to having a long-lasting marriage full of peace and happiness

5 Keys to having a long-lasting marriage full of peace and happiness

5 Keys to having a long-lasting marriage full of peace and happiness.

Together with her, you are able to define the durability of your marriage. By doing the right things at the right time, you are placing yourself in a long-lasting marriage. You might ask “What are the right things for the achievement of a long-lasting marriage?” and “What is the right time?”. Continuously unfold our piece of writing to get all the answers that you need.

5 Keys to having a long-lasting marriage full of peace and happiness

  1. Listen to her

No, you don’t need to apply strength, or spend money, sometimes all you need to do to impress your wife may just be to listen to her as she talks.

Women love to talk.
This isn’t a fact under any dispute.

For a man to decide not to listen to his wife is to kill an aspect of her that is vital to her happiness. TALKING

You need to understand that a Woman feels close and bonds with anyone who listens to her.

Just hear her out,
How her day went, who she met on the road,
Listen genuinely, with intent to understand her before you reply.

Nod your head, answer her questions with patience, if and when she asks for it,
Laugh at her jokes
I know the average Man is quiet by nature, with time, try and learn to talk and be expressive

Know this, she either gossips with you at home or she gossips with, only God knows who in the office or in the neighborhood.

Sometimes she isn’t even looking for a piece of advice, just an ear to talk to.

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Don’t shut her up,
Don’t call her a noisy Woman. God knew she was noisy, that’s why he gave you two ears.

A man who knows how to listen patiently already has passed a key part of being Married.

Listen with your eyes too.
Observe her, her mood and all.

Sometimes a woman speaks loudest by being Silent.

PS: you won’t always be able to listen some days you’d be tired, or not in the mood, that’s for sure, and when such a time comes, don’t worry, she’ll understand because you’ve always listened to her in the past.

These things won’t cost you a dime, and yet would earn you a lot.

Listen to her!

  1. Complement & appreciate her.

How hard is that, really?
How much will it cost?

At most Ten words,

Let’s reconcile this shall we,

Especially in this clime where we find ourselves,
Most Men don’t compliment their wives, MOST MEN
And MOST WOMEN Love compliments.

No Man should lack words to use to complement his Wife.

* Start with her APPEARANCE,
On this alone, you will never run out of genuine reasons to compliment her.

Her Eyes? Her height? Her size? Her face? Legs?

She’s made a new hair, that’s worthy of a compliment
She’s worn a new dress, compliment her.

* What about her ASSISTANCE?

The Meals she cooks?
Don’t just thank God for provision,
Thank the Woman who prepared It.
The kids she takes care of?
The home she puts in order?
The guests she always helps you welcome?
Her advice and countless counsels?
Her support?
Her Prayers?
Her Submission?
Her loyalty?

Her assistance is sometimes born out of painful sacrifice.
Sometimes she does things that are not convenient for her just to please you.

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And you think there’s nothing to compliment her for.
Sometimes, as someone said, we men suffer from being used to a kind of “privilege”, that we take it for a right and become ungrateful and less understanding.

These things won’t cost you a dime and yet would earn you a lot.

Compliment & Appreciate HER!

  1. Play with her

Do this and you will discover the baby side of your Wife.

There are aspects of your Wife that will NEVER come out, that you will never EXPERIENCE till you play with her.

I know you are a busy Man
Prayer warrior, Demon Destroyer,
Royal Contractor, Importer, and Exporter

But please, try and create time for your Wife.
All Work and no Play makes any marriage a boring one.

Play with her.

Have Fun with your Wife
She wants that so much
She may not say it but she’s dying inside.

Put on music and hold a dance party right there in your bedroom.

Most Men are
* Too Busy
* Too Proud
* Too clueless to key into the plenty cons of being a husband who makes out time to play with his wife.

What great Marriages we would have had in abundance if MANY men could only but Play a LITTLE.

These things won’t cost you a dime and yet would earn you a lot.

Play with her.

5 Keys to having a long-lasting marriage full of peace and happiness

  1. Control your sex urge and remain faithful

It is not everything you see underskirt that you should hustle to eat, some skirts contain snakes that will bite you and leave you uncomfortable. Control your sex urge.

Self-control and abstinence pay a lot.

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Marriage doesn’t cure lust, if it did, adultery
wouldn’t exist.

Don’t view marriage as a sex release.
Self-control is still a requirement.

Lust doesn’t care if you are married or

You may be Solomon in wisdom, David
in praise, Abraham in faith or Joshua in
war BUT if you are not Joseph in discipline
you will end up like Samson in destruction.

5. Take your manly responsibilities at heart

Being a man is not just by name as your actions must accompany your title. A man should be able to answer to the spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical needs of his family in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening. As a man, it is not sufficient to limit yourself at providing financially to your family. It is your duty to step a little higher in contributing to the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being of your family.

It is without doubt that any woman will feel bad to be in the presence of a man who can’t take his responsibilities at heart. In as much as your wife has a role to play for the entire well-being of the family, you also have one. Work hand-in-hand with her for the successful establishment of a family with happy children. Assist your wife in bringing up the children in ways that will guide them to becoming good compatriots and a blessing everywhere that they find themselves. Such children will grow to make you proud of their success.

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