7 Unresolved mysteries on DJ Arafat's death

7 Unresolved mysteries on DJ Arafat’s death

7 Unresolved mysteries on DJ Arafat’s death

The world is still mourning Arafat’s death. Don’t be surprise to hear this because his fame had expanded from Africa to other continents in the world. Till date, the death of DJ Arafat is what runs the lips of typical inhabitants of every country in Africa. Truth be told, if you were considered among the living in Africa for the past 15 years, then you’d certainly heard of the majestically achieved success of DJ Arafat whether you were his fan or not. He had accomplished in his musical career what no other African had ever done. He revolutionized what President Douk saga, also known as the father of “Coupé-Décalé” had started back in his years. It’s a popular Ivorian musical style which has gone viral in Africa and many countries around the world.

Up to some extent, we can say without doubt that DJ Arafat was to the Africans what Michael Jackson was to the Europeans. He was highly loved within and out of his country of origin, Ivory Coast. His musical albums were highly solicited in most of the African Countries and the world at large. Unto his fans, he had nothing to prove again since they all considered him to be the King of “Coupé-Décalé”. As early as 2009, Arafat was already a star in his musical genre and considered one of the most popular musical artists in the Francophone countries. DJ Arafat enjoyed a successful musical career span of 15 years during which he was referred to by BBC as the “king” of “Coupé-Décalé”, meaning “Cut and Run.” In the Ivorian slang, we can refer to this musical style as “Cheating someone and running away”.


The Death of DJ Arafat

As the saying goes that nothing good can last forever, the world hasn’t recovered from the terrible shock resulting from the death of DJ Arafat. Many are still mourning this Ivorian DJ and Singer who gave up the ghost one day after having a motor accident. The DJ’s motorcycle was said to have collided with a car in Abidjan on Sunday, August 11, 2019 leading to his death the next day. However, we cannot also close our eyes on the unanswered questions surrounding the death of this famous Ivorian DJ and Singer. A look from different angles will reveal lots of mysteries which remain unanswered about his death. It is in this very light that we hereby write to present 7 of these unresolved mysteries surrounding Arafat’s premature death.

7 Unresolved mysteries on DJ Arafat's death
(FILES) In this file photo taken on October 2, 2017 Ivory Coast’s musician DJ Arafat holds the award for best artist of the year during the Coupe-Decale Awards in Abidjan. – Houon Ange Didier aka DJ Arafat died following a car accident in Abidjan on August 12, 2019, the Ivorian public Radio and Television (RTI) announced. (Photo by ISSOUF SANOGO / AFP)
  1. He died on the day of Arafat 2019

Did you know that the day of Arafat is regularly celebrated in Ivory Coast? Perhaps you were not aware but it is always the case. It has become more like a tradition in Ivory Coast which the people respect very much. In the same light of regular celebration, the day of Arafat 2019 began in the evening of Saturday, August 10 and ended in the evening of Sunday, August 11. Although dates may vary in different years, we are sure and certain of that which unfolded for the year 2019. An objective and focused look will reveal that DJ Arafat’s death was initiated within the day of Arafat 2019 in Ivory Coast. Note that DJ Arafat had his accident at the end of the Day of Arafat 2019 which led to his premature death. This happening leaves us with many unanswered questions like what is the link between DJ Arafat’s death and the day of Arafat?

  1. His last song was titled “motorcycle”
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Around May 2019, DJ Arafat came up with his last song entitled “Motorcycle” just for him to roughly die in a motorcycle accident 3 months later. Isn’t this strange? How can you explain the fact that since he started his musical career, he waited just his last moments to write a song on “motorcycle”? This leaves us wondering about the link between Arafat’s death which was initiated by a motorcycle accident.

  1. His first song that brought him to limelight was shot in a motorcycle show

Arafat’s entrance solitary “Jonathan” that brought him to fame was about “Death”. Its video clip was shot in a motorcycle show which was held at the burial ceremony of his best friend, Jonathan. Don’t you find it strange that years later, he himself also dies in a motorcycle accident? His friends died in this way yet he did not withdraw from its use. This leaves us wondering what were his reasons for doing such.

  1. He was shot to Stardom on a Motorcycle video clip before his death

DJ Arafat was shot to stardom on a Motorcycle video clip before his death. This leads us to saying that he started on a motorcycle and ended up on a motorcycle. Could it be a coincidence or there is something behind his death linked to a motorcycle which the general public is not aware of?

  1. His relationship with Journalists was one of hatred

A look into DJ Arafat’s musical career reveals that he was not in love with journalists. Perhaps, this is because of their talkative mouths when it comes to reporting everything that comes their way. It is even said that DJ Arafat hated journalists more than Donald Trump. And unto our surprise, it was the car of a journalist that knocked off DJ Arafat from his motorcycle. An incident which took place in Abidjan on Sunday, August 11, 2019. This incident which took place in the evening is what led to his death the next day.

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7 Unresolved mysteries on DJ Arafat's death

  1. His main sponsors and international fans were Chinese

Did you know that Arafat’s main sponsors and largest international fans were Chinese? Perhaps you were not aware but this is the truth. You are certainly asking yourself were we are heading to. Those asking this question are not aware of the place that Arafat died. In addition to having Chinese as his main sponsors and largest international fans, DJ Arafat died Infront of a Chinese Embassy. Could this also be a coincidence? Until further notice, we don’t think so.

  1. Douk Saga also died on the 12

DJ Arafat died on August 12 at the age of 33 years and Douk Saga died on October 12 at an approximate age of 33 years. What is the link between these two musical stars of “Coupé-Décalé”? Could it simply be a coincidence? Answer still to be found.

7 Unresolved mysteries on DJ Arafat's deathdaishikan la chine a vie

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