Bushiri to die in December FAILED Prophecy

Bushiri to die in December FAILED Prophecy by Java

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Bushiri to die in December FAILED Prophecy by Java

Decembers draws to a close without Prophet Bushiri dying as prophesied by Prophet Java. Java prophesied that the popular Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church was going to die in December 2019. The prophecy stated that Prophet Bushiri will die in December.

This is according to a chilling prophecy which was made by fellow ‘Man of God’ Prophet Passion Java from Zimbabwe. The flamboyant Passion Java is the founder of Passion Java Ministries and the Kingdom Embassy church.

In his prophecy Prophet Passion Java says,

I was given the one mandate to pray for the prophet, major one Prophet Shepherd Bushiri…

In the month of December, I wrote it there, I saw a prophet, I can say one of the greatest prophets here on earth right now, who is alive. I saw Shepherd Bushiri. I saw him dying in the month of December. I saw a tragedy, I saw death.

Bushiri to die in December FAILED Prophecy

WATCH: Video of Prophet Bushiri to die in December

Prophet Bushiri Responds to Prophet Java Prophecy

Java goes on to say that he is now praying so that the Prophecy in which Prophet Shepherd Bushiri dies in December does not come true.   Prophet Passion also said that he wrote a book last year in which he wrote all the events on a month by month basis which he had prophecied.

This prophecy alone has park a lot of agument around the world with some pointing fingers at the man of God who gave the prophecy as fake. But the most essential part is that Prophet Passion also call on the entire church to pray for Shephered Bushiri as he is already praying for him.

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African has been none around the world as the strongest continent when it come to prophecy with Nigeria taking the lead. If there is one thing that the white man has never understood about the African man is the prophecies and miracles.

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