With Prophet Shepherd Bushiri



Pretoria RSA


2nd February, 2020


Welcome Remarks




The Word Stagnation simply mean to stop developing or progress. Doing nothing or lack of activities. When we talk about Stagnation, we are talking about a state where there is no progress in ones life or any system.


On this Sunday of Dealing with the System of the spirit of Stagnation, the Lord has told our father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to pray against the spirit of Stagnation which is also called Anti -Progress Spirit.


Our feet are planted within the gates of His temple; it is our joy to be in the house of our God. Today we have this promise, that every spirit of stagnation is being broken. When God sends a Prophet, deliverance is at hand. Whatever you are, Connect and partake!


Join us as we lift up the name of the Lord who is worthy to be praised! Add your voice to the Prophetic Worship team as we welcome viewers all over the world to this platform where the servant of the Most High God will minister in power and authority on God’s mission to reconcile man to Himself as we witness the miracle of salvation and experience deliverance power in the mighty name of Jesus.


Intercession Time With Prophetess Mary Bushiri.


Prophetess Mary started the service by leading the masses with the INTERCESSION. Reading from Psalm 34:1 Regardless of the enemies surrounded David who ran away to Abimileck and he pretended himself as a mad person, but he never stopped praising God. He says *, ” I will praise the Lord all the times; his praise will always be in my lips…”


Can you learn how to appreciate God for whatever He has done to you. We need to bless God for the goodness and every chance we have. Praise and worship Him somebody…


In Hagai I 2:7 to 9 God is saying that He will shake the nation’s once me for the sake of you. And all the nations shall bless you. If you are here it means that you believe in the God of Major 1 who answers by Money. The Bible says “silver and gold are His…” I want you to pray asking God to shake the worlds and they bless you abundantly. 


In 1 Timothy 5:8 says that “Any one who does not provide for their relatives , and especially for their own house hold , has denied the faith and is worse than unbeliever…” If the worldly fathers knows how to provide food to his children  what more with our father in heaven. I don’t want you to be worse than unbeliever because you don’t have money. There are other situations you don’t need to for your relatives to get saved but by showing what you have  to them.

Pray somebody…!


 Salvation teaching by Apostle Botha


Reading from the Galatians 5:19 to 21.

 The works of The flesh are now shown: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery ; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred , discord, jealousy , fits or rage, selfish ambition, envy, drunkenness, orgies … And I warn you as I did before that whosoever live like this will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

For the law failed to save the mankind, that’s why Jesus came to save the mankind and not to condemn the world (John 3:17). There is no salvation without repentance. You need to repent your sins, be baptised by being immersed  in water and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. After that go and preach the Word to thee mankind and win  souls.


Salvation Prayer led by Evangelist Fritz


Those who wants to receive Jesus as their Personal saviour please follow me in this prayer:

God of the heavens

You are the Holy one of Israel

You are the righteous God

I stand before you guilty

For I am a sinner

God of Major 1 please wash me with your blood

Wash me with your blood

Fill me with your Holy Ghost

Let me live in Jesus name

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Our Father Major 1 is here


To the creator of heaven and earth


Raise your hands in this atmosphere where we believe in God, the maker of all. He who made heaven and earth with a spoken word, to Him we surrender, to Him we give all the praise and honour.


Lord, our God. You are greater than the greatest, higher than the highest, wiser than the wisest. We pray that on this day which you have set to reveal yourself in majestic splendour, let your power reach and touch every life.



We are here for a change


Scripture Reference: Galatians 4:9


Since you became born again what change is there? What proof is there that you are in Christ and all things are new? Why are you still in bondage?


There must be an awakening; today, something must change.


Four types of Deliverance


Deliverance is an act of setting someone free from anything, that holds, afflicts, possesses or torments them.


There are 4 types of deliverance


 1. Deliverance from holding spirits . These are spirits of limitation, set back, barriers, stagnation, almost and delay. They hold people from progressing. These do not operate from within, they are forces that operate from the outside.


2. Deliverance from afflicting spirits. These spirits afflict the physical body in the form of various sicknesses, diseases and allergies.


 3. Deliverance from tormenting spirits. These spirits deal with your mind and emotions; they bring depression, fear, panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares, mental problems, epilepsy, etc.


4. Deliverance from spirits of possession. These demons take over the soul of a person – the things you hate doing, you find yourself doing, the things you would love to do, you don’t do. They remote control your life and influence you.


Jesus died for the salvation of your soul – the salvation of your body is a whole different thing. The devil knows he cannot attack you and win because greater is He who is inside you. The only tools he uses are disappointment and frustration; that’s the only way he can get you. As a born again believer a demon cannot live inside you, however, it can affect you from outside. Thus, he will afflict, torment and hold you from moving forward, so that you may end up disappointed and frustrated.



Move forward!


Scripture Reference: Exodus 14:14-15


As the children of Israel were coming out of Egypt, the devil sent a spirit of stagnation against them. In verse 15 of Exodus 14 the Bible records, that God had to instruct Moses, “Tell the children of Israel to go forward.”; meaning there were stuck in the same place. With a sea in front of them and enemies behind them – there was nowhere to go, they were stagnant.


One word from a Prophet is all it took – “Go forward!”. Their deliverance was in moving forward. The time has come when God will make you walk through your barrier




“I instruct angels right now to help you walk through every barrier. Your deliverance is in moving forward. If you are in the same place spiritually, financially, academically; I declare that after today, there will be a shift in Jesus’ name!”


A season of God’s decision


Religiously, what I am about to say may be incorrect. Biblically, there are 2 seasons in which God makes decisions over each person’s life, as an individual about which course their life should take. That season is now – the 1st of February to the 14th February – and again in September.


This is why we are in prayer and fasting, negotiating and pleading with God over His decision. The devil knows this very well, that is why he also comes near to watch, it is a season of God’s decision. In the book of Job, the Bible records of such a season and all the sons of God cake to present themselves before God. As God was about to make a decision over Job’s life, the devil rose. If you check the biblical/Jewish calendar, you will find that it aligns with the month of February.

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Again in the Book of Luke, in the season of God’s decision, Satan asked for Peter but Jesus did not allow it. If you check the Jewish calendar you will find that this happened in the month of September.


In Numbers 1:18 it is recorded that one the 1st of the second month (February), there was a gathering of all the children of Israel. It was a set time where families had to be placed in order – things had to be put in order. This is what we did yesterday; we gathered together and began to rearrange some things in the spirit.


Further Reading: Luke 22:31



The God of this house


Scripture Reference: Genesis 28:11ff


I want you to pray. When Hannah had had enough, she went into the house of God and prayed.


There was a time Jacob came to a certain place and laid there to sleep. As he slept, he saw a vision and when he woke he declared, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!”. He made a covenant with God and called the place Bethel, meaning ‘the house of God’. After that, Jacob went to the house of his uncle, Laban, where he ended up labouring for 21 years with nothing to show for. For 21 years his life was stagnant, but the day he decided to go back to Bethel – the place God made a covenant with him – his life changed. When he got to Bethel, God spoke again and Jacob changed its name to El Bethel, meaning ‘the God of this house’.


Many do not understand the power of the church. There is always a God of a particular church. There is a particular church where when you meet God, He makes a covenant with you. There you must remain if you are to have the promise of God fulfilled over your life. Jacob had the covenant and promise of God over his life, yet he lived a life contrary – he had departed from the house of God; he had forgotten the God of Bethel. God had to instruct him to return to Bethel. It was when he returned, that the Bible records he became wealthy.


It is possible to be in this church but forget the God of this church (lose the revelation). Today, if your life must change, you must catch the revelation and cry out to the God of this house. Here at your Bethel, stagnation must be broken once and for all.


There was a man at the pool of Bethesda, for 38 years he had an infirmity. Whenever he wanted to go in the water after the angel stirred it up for healing, someone went in ahead of him. One day when Jesus came by, the man admitted to Jesus that he was stagnant, there was no one to move him from where he was into the pool. Jesus spoke one word, and the man was delivered from his infirmity.


If only you can open your mouth and agree with me today; that system of stagnation in your life, I remove it!


Further Reading: Genesis 35:6-7; John 5:2-9


How do you know that you are affected by the STAGNATION SPIRIT

1.            If you have been stuck in the same position for a long time regardless of your effort to work hard.

2.            If you do not ever feel  like doing anything or any development. You feel comfortable being at one place

3.            If the spiritual things like studying the Word of God, praying and Fellowshipping  with other believers


The Holy Communion


As we take this communion you must understand that this sacrament and ordinance was instituted by Christ Jesus Himself. In the Old Testament, man lost the glory by eating something – the forbidden fruit. Then Jesus came in the New Testament and man was restored into glory by eating something – partaking of His blood and body.


As we take this Holy communion, we are partaking of that which is Holy; therefore, we are justified, sanctified and made Holy. As we take of this communion, we are declaring that we are God’s own people, we belong to him – this is our profession,” Prophet Justice Hara

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Healing is available


As the Prophet of God is ministering, a man cries out from the congregation seeking an urgent intervention. For 5 and a half years he has been unable to pass urine normally; the doctors had to insert a catheter through which he passes urine. According to the medical report, the doctors have declared that there is a complete blockage of his urethra.


The Prophet moved with compassion, goes over to him. However, as he begins to minister healing, God stops him, “God has stopped me, there was something you did that was wrong. I see there was a time someone gave you the Lion of Judah Anointing oil from this church. You used this oil and were healed. Then you went to another church in Botswana where you testified saying you were healed in that church, yet it was the anointing of this house. The next day, your problem came back.”. The man confesses that he indeed testified in another church after he had been healed through the ministration of Lion of Judah anointing oil. His niece also comes forward to confirm the word of the Prophet. The Prophet further reveals that he is seeing charms in his body. The man confirms this to be true.


God reveals in order to redeem; and by his confession of wrong, the man is set free.

The Prophet commands him to go urinate, he is healed!


Healed from kidney failure


The Prophet walks over to a man. For 16 years this man has been suffering from kidney failure. Due to this problem, he is unable to urinate normally and is confined to a wheelchair as the disease has also affected his bones and joints. According to his medical report, both of his kidneys are unable to function well and he has been undergoing dialysis therapy every week.


As the Prophet of God prays for him, the power of God is evident and his body begins to shake.


The man stands up and begins to walk. Nothing is impossible with our God!


This God does the impossible


A woman cries out that she cannot walk, she wants to walk today. According to her medical report, she has a degenerative spine and thus, has to wear a lumbar corset to stabilise her spine. Medically, there is no cure for this condition, but with the God of Major 1, we know NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.


Major 1 sets her on her feet and commands her to walk. She cannot believe what is happening to her. She is healed completely, all the pain is gone! She can now walk!


What God has done today, no force of evil will be able to resist. Today stagnation is defeated. There is a change in Jesus name!


Prophetic instruction:


With the Fire Anointing Oil, draw the cross of Jesus on your forehead as you anoint yourself. Raise your hands and worship God. Sing a song of deliverance for IT IS DONE!




Demons must be addressed be they silent or  loud there is no role in our lives for them!


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