Did Bushiri also buy power from seer 1?

Has Bushiri also bought power from seer 1?” is a question we get every now and then on africature.com and will like to clear up the air in this post.

Has Bushiri also bought power from seer 1?

But why would anyone ask such a question? Could there be some fire behind the smoke? Let’s find out.

First, this question started surfacing the popular Nigerian prophet Seer 1 brought out very shocking revelations regarding his use of ancestral powers to perform miracles. He equally bragged of giving or selling such powers to politicians and other preachers.

Our question was: How does this concern Bushiri?

Well, many of those asking this question claimed the reason was that Seer 1 mentioned Prophet Uebert Angel (positively) and we all know Angel is the spiritual father of Bushiri. Seer 1 said Zambia hates men of God who see like Uebert Angel that is why the latter was promptly denied entry into the country after he landed at the airport.

Their line of thinking holds that: if Seer 1 endorses Uebert Angel, then they’re birds of the same feathers and that simply implies Major 1 is not left out. We, however, did not want to based our answer to this pertinent question on rumours so we tried to get to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1 to hear from the hourse’s mouth.

Though africature.com could not speak directly with Major 1, we got a very strong response from some of his top collaborators who told our reporter that Bushiri does not know anything about Seer 1 and has not taken power from anyone but his anointing comes from God.

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Going by this response, we did a thorough research to see if there was any relationship established between Major 1 and Seer 1 in the past but found none. Our conclusion therefore is that Major 1 did not collect power from Seer 1 as insinuated by most of his haters.

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