Evidence showing prophet Bushiri impregnated Zimbabwe minister's wife

Evidence showing prophet Bushiri impregnated Zimbabwe minister’s wife

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The South African based Malawian prophet Bushiri popularly known as Major 1 has been accused of dating, bedding and impreganating the musician wife of former deputy minister of Zimbabwe.

ZANU PF senior member and former cabinet minister of Zimbabwe, Terence Mukupe, says he has treasure trove of evidence proving that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri slept and impregnated the politician’s wife, Rachel J.

Mukupe shared what he deemed as evidence showing that Bushiri allegedly met Rachel J in Malawi in June 2018 before he was barred from leaving South Africa for money laundering and fraud charges following his arrest in February last year.


Rachel J yet to comment

Rachel J and Terence Mukupes were members of Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church when the incident allegedly happened and that as members of the church Bushiri had allegedly promised to partner with them in some investments.

Bushiri, commonly known as Major 1, confirmed yesterday that he is being accused of impregnating Mukupe’s wife.

In a statement shared on his official Facebook page, the  ECG church leader said the allegations were unfounded because he has not been outside South Africa for the past 13 months.

“The basis of his allegations are screenshots of chats and messages purportedly between me and his wife. For the purposes of clarity. I am not on WhatsApp. Neither am I on iMessenger.

“Secondly, I have not traveled out of South Africa in the last 13 months, and therefore have not met this man’s wife in Malawi as he believes. This ought to be public knowledge” claims Bushiri.

Major 1 was last in Malawi in December 2018 to launch his books at the Victoria Gardens in Blantyre.


Immediately, the former member of Parliament for Harare East shared another screenshot purporting to support his allegations against Bushiri.

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The screenshot shows that Mrs Mukupe met with the alleged Bushiri in June 2018, several month before Bushiri was barred from leaving South Africa following his arrest last year for money laundering and fraud related charges.

“I want you Bushiri to deny that you met her three times in Lilongwe, Pretoria and your Rustenburg place with my blessing – me buying the plane tickets and you offering to go into business with us with Honourable Chihana from Malawi in tow. Deny it and we will see who serves a true God.”

A publication in Zimbabwe, ZimLive questions’ Bushiri’s logic.

“It was not clear what the significance of the 13 months was, as Mukupe insists that the Malawi meeting between Bushiri and his wife took place in June 2018 – some 20 months ago” wondered ZimLive.

Rachel J

But in Bushiri’s logic, if Mukupe’s wife is pregnant, it means Major 1 and Racel J last had sex somewhere within the last 9 months for the Malawian born prophet to be the responsible for the pregnancy. Mukupe is yet to share evidence to quash Major 1’s logic.

The politician alleged in his posts that have now been deleted that he was a member of ECG church together with wife and offered a R100,000 (about K5 million) seed for miracles.

“I want the R100,000 that we seeded to your fake church back, false prophet!”

The messages that Mukupe shared show his wife, Rachel J, who is now pregnant, chatting with Major 1 who tells her he has “landed” , it is presumed in Malawi sometime in June 2018.

Major 1 then invites her for a “warm bath” after she sent him her picture, to which she replies: “Not a chance.” Unrelenting, the man identified as Bushiri invites Rachel J to come to Malawi where he says he will remain “until Friday”.

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When she replies ‘you’re tempting me’, the alleged Major 1 asked, “you don’t wanna come ur busy?” Major 1 then posts a picture of Bushiri on a lakeside deck. Rachel J, a musician by profession, then tells Major 1 that “will be seeing you on Wednesday.”

On June 29, Rachel J sent a message to the man Mukupe says is Bushiri, stating: “On board… see you soon.” The two are believed to have met for sex trysts in the lakeside district of Mangochi.

But as reported by Nyasa Times and Maravi Post in June 2018 show that Bushiri was indeed in Mangochi where his vacation is said to have been “disturbed by flocks of villagers [who] trooped in to pay homage to him”.

Bushiri who is married to Mary Zgambo has previously faced allegations of having sexual relations with members of his church. He, however, denies Mukupe’s allegations.
Happily married? Major 1 with his wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri

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