Ghanaian pastor who shot his wife in the US appears in court

Ghanaian pastor who shot his wife in the US appears in court

The US-based Ghanaian pastor, Ofori Slyvester, 35, who murdered his beautiful wife in front of her job shooting her 7 times according to a new video on social media has been brought before a court.

The pastor, very penitent at the look on his face attired in blue-black apparel with his nose mask on stood before the court with various witnesses giving their vivid accounts of the sad incident.

Sitting in judgement an looking at the video that captured the pastor in court, you don’t need to be told, he’s looked very subdued and muffled as court was in session over his case.

As reported by the voice over in the video, the shooting incident was caught on video.


News went viral that on Tuesday, August 8, 2020, that a US-based Ghanaian Pastor named Sylvester Ofori shot his wife, Barbara Tammey, 7 times to death at Navy Federal Credit Union near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, USA.

Sylvester’s actions resulted in him being detained as he is currently in police custody at the Orange County Jail. The Orlando Police via tweet confirmed his arrest following the gruesome murder of his 27-year-old wife.

Days after the incident, a video has fast gone viral that sees pastor Sylvester angrily threatening to kill his wife in the presence of Barbara’s brother and another sister at her matrimonial home whiles packing some documents.

In his exact words in the video, he said; “If I don’t kill your sister, then I am fake”. To prove he’s a ‘man of his words’ he went on to take action, killing his own wedded wife in cold blood.