Guys, Stop Releasing Semen And Watch Your Life Transform Positively

Guys, Stop Releasing Semen And Watch Your Life Transform Positively

The information I’m about to share is very important. Please pay attention to everything I’m about to say because everything I’m about to say has been tested by me and alot of men around the world who have this information.

This information can be summarized in this sentence: If you are a guy, stop having sex and stop masturbating. Do this for a year and watch your life transform in ways you never imagined.

Now, asking any guy to do this might seem like a difficult proposition to make and this is understandable. The drive for sexual gratification is the strongest drive humans have and it’s hard to resist, but if you can resist this desire I swear the benefits will be immense.

I’ve not released semen for 6 months now. No sex, no masturbation, and the things that have been happening in my life seem like miracles. I’m not even religious but I’ve been receiving daily blessings from God. I’ll explain.

I came across the subject of semen retention 6 months ago. At first, I thought it was a hoax or some bullshit new wave movement or some spiritual mumbo jumbo. But then I started reading up on it. I read testimonies of guys who have been on the journey and I did some research into ancient knowledge on the practice. The info I stumbled upon shocked me to my core. So I decided to try it out.

The first two weeks were the hardest for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. Luckily for me, I didn’t have a girlfriend then, but I had friends with benefit that I could Bleep if I wanted to. The urge for masturbation was even stronger. But I held on and then after two weeks, the benefits started to come.

The first benefit I noticed was my memory became as sharp as ever. For example, there was this friend that I lost her number for over 4 years and hadn’t communicated with her since. On the 13th day of semen retention, I woke up that morning and I remembered all 11 digits of her number. This is something I had been trying to remember for 4 years and just that day, without any stress I remembered it. Then as the days progressed I realized I could remember lots of other stuff I had forgotten. Memorizing info became easier.

The second benefit I noticed was good luck. Everything I put my hand into began to yield benefits. I was getting contracts from everywhere and my businesses began to boom like crazy. It was almost like magic. Every financial investment I made yielded profit and my account balance grew every day.

The third benefit was in my physical attractiveness. I noticed how attractive I was becoming. My face began to glow, my facial hair began to grow faster and thicker and I began to have a more manlier physique. I also noticed I was becoming more attractive to women. Women would give me flirty stares and want to hang around me for no reason even when I don’t show interest.

Note that all these benefits got even better the longer I stayed away from ejaculation.

I read an ancient spiritual text that threw light on this semen retention stuff. It was stated that the sperm is the energy of creation and holds a lot of spiritual powers. When it escapes from the body of a man through sex or masturbation, all that spiritual energy and potential also leaves the man. The longer a man retains semen the stronger he becomes spiritually and the more creative energy he possesses.

Guys, I beg you all to just join me in this semen retention journey. The benefits are endless.