Happy Birthday Prophet Bushiri - Major 1

Happy Birthday Prophet Bushiri – Major 1

Africature.com wishes a special birthday to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1. 

Prophet Bushiri was born on the 20th of February 1983. Bushiri’s real name is Shepherd Huxley Bushiri, but he is also commonly known by his alias, Major One, or Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. How old is Bushiri? Today, Prophet Bushiri is 37 years old.


Happy Birthday Prophet Bushiri - Major 1



The most precious, amazing gift of God in my life; the love of my life; my dearest husband; thee incredible father; my covering; my voice; my Priest; my Prophet; my King; happy KAPH WITNESS KAPH KAPH (20/02/2020) birthday to you! 


I have been thinking to myself, how can I thank God enough for you my love, my Prophet ? How does one find the right words to say thank you to God for a gift so precious; a gift that keeps giving daily. You have shown me love beyond what I thought was love. You have protected me and the girls beyond what I thought was protection. You always go the extra mile! 


When it comes to your serving God, my Prophet, you give your all. You are always there for Gods people, always on your feet teaching us, praying for us and speaking into our lives. I have never seen such commitment to God like what you show my Prophet. You are a blessing to generations!  Happy happy birthday my mouth piece. 


May the Lord reward your labor in His Kingdom, may the Lord vindicate you by counting all your charity/(love), may Gods hands be completely opened for you this year. Happy birthday my Prophet. You are a loving father to the fatherless my Priest. 

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May the Lord grant you a very long and healthy life for our sake my husband. Happy birthday Major 1; happy birthday to the worlds best Dad (in Israellas voice); happy birthday to the loving father of ECG: happy KAPH WITNESS KAPH KAPH Major1. 


I love you deeply my love, forever and always!

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