How Pastor Mboro sold out Prophet Bushiri to the SA authorities

How Pastor Mboro sold out Prophet Bushiri to the SA authorities

A controversial millionaire pastor has turned himself in to police after South Africa issued a warrant of arrest against him for skipping bail and fleeing home to Malawi.

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, are facing charges of money laundering and fraud in South Africa.

On Saturday he told his social media followers that he had left the country because he had received death threats.

In an interview with the BBC, he refused to reveal how he escaped.

Police in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe say the couple surrendered on Wednesday as officers were looking for them following an arrest warrant they received from Interpol.

Some reports say that the self-declared “prophet” and his wife were smuggled out last week by a sophisticated syndicate which specialises in taking stolen cars from South Africa to Malawi.

There have also been suggestions in the South African press that he was smuggled out in Malawi’s presidential jet – something which has been denied by the authorities in both countries.

How Pastor Mboro sold out Prophet Bushiri to the SA authorities

While Bushiri remains free in Malawi for the moment, many of his followers believe he was betrayed by an insider, Pastor Mboro. Mboro has made several headlines in the media in recent years either in support or against Bushiri. He was recently dragged to court by Bushiri for defamation.

Pastor Mboro is mainly accused of betraying his friend Bushiri by siding with those who accused the latter of defrauding them. He even organized hearing sessions in his church were he had many people speaking against Bushiri thereby giving the authorities more information needed to nail the Malawian preacher.

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Below is a video of Mboro trying to expose Bushiri–1so&ab_channel=HOPETV