How to prophesy accurately with 20 key ways to receive prophetic utterances from the Holy Spirit

How to prophesy accurately with 20 key ways to receive prophetic utterances from the Holy Spirit

How to prophesy accurately with 20 key ways to receive prophetic utterances from the Holy Spirit

Daily communication with God is part of our Christian life. It forties and strengthens us in knowing and doing what God wants. This creates need for everyone to understand what is an accurate prophesy, how to prophesy accurately and how to receive a prophetic word. God is raising prophets from all angles of the world to prepare the second coming of Jesus Christ. The prophetic is a powerful gift from God that acts as a great tool in winning souls into His kingdom. And we all know that as Christians, we have as mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world. While only a few are chosen and called prophets to operate in the prophetic ministry as God’s special messengers (Ephesians 4:11), every believer or mature Christian can prophesy according to Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians 14:1.                                           

All that believers require in order to prophesy or proclaim God’s message is the desire and love to do so. For we are living in the last days and God spoke through his servant prophet Joel saying that in the last days, He will pour His spirit on everyone. And that His spirit will lead the sons and daughters of men to fully proclaim his message while bringing visions and dreams to the young and old men respectively. (Acts 2: 17-18). With this in mind, we see how important it is to take measures on proclaiming God’s message accurately as possible. But before we get into how to prophesy accurately or our 20 key ways to receive and release an accurate prophetic word from the holy spirit, it will be of great importance to start by answering the question of what is prophesy.

How to prophesy accuately with 20 key ways to receive prophetic utterances from the Holy Spirit

What is prophesy (meaning of prophesy or definition of prophesy)

A lot of people get it wrong on defining prophecy or the act of prophesying. But why should we remain in ignorance when the Holy Bible clearly tells us the meaning of prophecy. By reading from 2 Peter 1:20-21, we are taught that a prophesy is an inspired message from God. In order words, a prophesy could be considered as a divine revelation. We can further increase our knowledge on the definition of prophesy by reading from Acts 3:18 where we are told that prophets are people who receive messages from God destined for others.

Was John the Baptist the last prophet?

While many people argue that John the Baptist was the last prophet and that there are no more prophets in our days, we also have a good number of people who believe strongly that John the Baptist was not the last prophet and that God is still saying something today through the prophets of our times. Whatever the case, we won’t have to look too far since the Bible gives us elements of answers concerning this issue. The Holy scriptures are very clear about the fact that God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Given that He has not changed, He is still doing the marvelous and wonders that He did in the past.

In this same light of thinking, we are made to know clearly in Ephesians 4:1-11 that Jesus Christ upon giving his life for mankind did share gifts to the whole human race among which we can find the prophetic gift. Still from the Bible we are made to know in Acts 11:28 that one of the prophets after the death of John the Baptist who was named Agabus did speak under the influence of the Holy Spirit about the way Apostle Paul will be captured and killed for the gospel’s sake. At least we are certain that he was a prophet of the new testament who came after the death of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. This is sufficient to make us believe that God is still saying something through His prophets and that He is calling on us to give Him a listening ear.

How do prophets hear from God?

Have you ever wondered on how do prophets hear from God? Perhaps once or on several occasions upon requesting an online prophetic word (online prophesy) or a physical prophetic word from a Man or Woman of God. This worry increases whenever you get an accurate prophesy from the man or woman of God. In addition, it creates in you the desire to learn how to prophesy accurately too. However, you must not be stressed up because there are ways on how to prophesy accurately through the help of the Holy spirit. We are going to present them as our writing unfolds. But before we present these ways on how to prophesy accurately, it will be wise to have a look at the different ways through which God speaks to His servants on daily basis.

1. Writing

 God used this method in at least one case by directly supplying to Moses the Ten Commandments in written form. —Exodus 31:18.

Oral communication through angels. For example, God used an angel to instruct Moses about the message he was to deliver to Pharaoh of Egypt. (Exodus 3: 2-4, 10) When precise wording was crucial, God directed angels to dictate his message, as he did when he told Moses: “Write down these words, because in accordance with these words, I am making a covenant with you and with Israel.” —Exodus 34:27*

2. Visions

These were sometimes given while the prophet was awake and fully conscious. (Isaiah 1:1; Habakkuk 1:1) Some were so vivid that the recipient participated in them. (Luke 9: 28- 36; Revelation 1: 10- 17) At other times, visions were conveyed while the recipient was in a trance. (Acts 10:10, 11; 22:17- 21) God also transmitted his message by dreams while the prophet slept. —Daniel 7:1; Acts 16: 9, 10.


3. Oral communication through angels

All through the history of mankind and his relationship with God, angels have proven to be of primary importance. Abraham considered the father of faith did receive instructions from God through an angel (Genesis 22). Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt did receive a message from God to give pharaoh through an angel (Exodus 3). In addition, God had sent many angels to dictate His message to the prophets on several occasions. We can have an example of such by reading from Exodus 34:27.

4. Dreams

It is God’s wish and promise that his children will have meaningful dreams. Just as in the past, God is still communicating with us through dreams. We can read from Acts 16:9-10 to see how God passes messages to his servants while they are asleep.

5. Guided thoughts

God guides the thoughts of His prophets in order to convey His message and make His perfect will done. That’s why it is written in 2 Timothy 3:16 that all scripture is inspired by God. In order words, we will say that God uses his spirit to breathe in ideas into the minds of his servants. It is for this reason that prophet Samuel said that the message was God’s but the prophets choose the wordings. (2 Samuel 23:1-2).

6. Through other Christians

This is one of the ways through which God speaks to us today. He can perfectly speak to you through someone else. We have had several cases where God speaks to people through others both in the old and new testament.

7. New and strange ways

We cannot confine God’s ways of action. He can speak to us through ways which have never been heard since the creation of the world. He did use a donkey to speak to and warn his prophet just as he was able to speak to Moses through the burning bush. And He can still do it today in greater dimensions.

How to prophesy accurately: 20 key ways to receive and release an accurate prophetic word from the Holy Spirit

If you have ever asked for an online prophesy or a physical prophetic word which turned out to be 100% accurate that you really wanted to know how to prophesy accurately, then you are at the right place. There are different ways to prophesy accurately which have been tested and proven right. Whatever the case, we must always fully rely on the Holy Spirit to use us while allowing everything to be done according to the will of the father and not ours.

1. Desiring to prophesy accurately

Just as we can read from 1 Corinthians 14:1, the process of learning how to prophesy accurately starts with the degree of love you have for the prophetic. If you don’t believe in the prophetic, it won’t work for you. If you believe and desire it, God who knows our hearts will see onto giving you just the best. By desiring, you will be led to take steps ahead in growing as a prophetic person. Desiring the prophetic gives you a point of focus thereby creating a high degree of determination to succeed within you. And once you are focused, you’ll be able to overcome all the challenges and obstacles that Satan will bring on your way.

2. Count on Jesus Christ alone

While there are so many false religions out there with black satanic powers to see into the future and disclose the hidden, we must keep tight to Jesus Christ as the one and only person that can freely offer us the true ability to prophesy accurately. Remember that those who are using satanic powers are on the way to their own graves and their fruits can never last talk les of standing the test of time. A bad tree cannot bear fruits so you should not expect anything good from Satan or any of his agents. Hence, no matter how desperate you might be in learning how to prophesy accurately, always remain tight to Jesus Christ and He’ll see you through.

3. Ask, seek, and knock

As written in Mathew 7:7-11, we as children of God are free to ask Him to inspire us with accurate prophetic words whenever need arises for us to speak out. Apart from asking, we can as well seek and knock in order to show Him how determined we are and the value we give to the prophetic. For sure if we ask, seek, and knock, our heavenly Father will certainly see us through. But the problem is that many people turn to be afraid of making mistakes, afraid of deception or being influenced by the devil and his agents.

Satan is the root of fear and as Christians, we ought not to fear anyone apart from God. Jesus Christ made it very clear to us that we cannot ask for the prophetic gift from God and He gives us something else. God loves us so much and wants to regularly interacts with us. That is why our heavenly father spoke through His prophet in Jeremiah 33:3 that we should call on Him in times of joy and sorrow for Him to show us wonderful things which we have never heard or seen before.

4. Wear your priestly garments

In Jesus Christ, we are a new creation. The old in us is gone and the new has taken dominion over us. Being God’s children gives us the right to wear our priestly garments and recover our inheritance of the prophetic dimensions. Putting on the priestly garment here is simply a call for us to value the things of God as well as spend high quality time in his presence. We can be sure of finding God’s face if we step out in faith and strive to obey his commandments. Thus, we must keep aside quality time in order to listen from God and minister to others. It is written in the scriptures that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the true spirit of Prophecy.

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5. Regularly find time to be alone with God

This is a prerequisite for any believer who desires to learn how to prophesy accurately. Regularly finding time to be alone with God will allow you to be able to distinguish His voice from other voices. If you desire to give accurate prophetic words, you’ll obviously have to learn how to distinguish God’s voice from the thoughts of your mind and your own personal imaginations. By keeping aside time to be alone with God will also allow you to better interpret his messages and know what to do whenever you receive any.

6. Actively listen before you step out

If you are in a Christian gathering or prayer ministry, you’ll obviously need to clearly perceive a message from God before uttering it out. Make sure that you receive the message in full before stepping out as this will give you a direction on what to do.

7. Make the process of listening to God a lifestyle

If you are serious about learning the ways to prophesy accurately, you’ll have to be informed that it is not a one-off experience. The process of accurately listening to God is a whole lifestyle which has to be cultivated and refined to truly be accurate. By regularly creating contact and communication moments with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are able to clearly discern His voice from the other voices that bombard our minds from every angle and hour of the day.

8. Develop good habits

It is only through good habits that our bodies are made dwelling places for the Holy spirit. And once we are filled with the Holy spirit, it will be very easy to regularly receive inspired messages from God about ourselves, others, and even nations. Thus, in our quest to learning how to prophesy accurately, we must refine our characters to that of Jesus Christ.

9. Welcome quickened and revealed words from the holy spirit

In God’s church, the spirit of prophesy is a life bringing one. Thus, we must always see on to it that the words we receive for ourselves and others are highly quickened (life bringing). Just as Apostle Paul instructs, we are to speak forth words of comfort, edification, and encouragement in order to help our brothers and sisters in the Christian race. (1 Corinthians 14:3). Let our words bring spiritual life into the hearts of our fellow Christian brothers. Words out of this context won’t be better than dead words. We can receive quickened and revealed truth from the Holy spirit about a person or a community through scriptural verses, flashes of pictures, and impressions or fragments of sentences in our mind. It is left for us to pray and ask God to help us to better interpret and pass the message as He wants.

10. Make use of your faith

You have never seen Jesus Christ but you believe in Him. This is so thanks to faith which is a supernatural gift from God to those who love Him. If you were able to use your faith to obtain salvation from God, you can also use this very faith to activate the gift of prophesy. Pray and ask God to give you the necessary faith to obtain what you need from Him and for sure He will do so. It is by faith that you can activate your gift of prophesy. And every believer prophesies according to the degree of faith that they have. That’s why some will prophesy only to a few persons while others will prophesy to as many people as they can find.

11. Stir up the gift of prophesy within you

From 1 Corinthians 14:1 we realize that every believer has the gift to prophesy. Although not all of us are called to operate in the prophetic office, we have been given the ability to prophesy thanks to the presence of the Holy spirit within us. But are we trying to say here that anyone can just wake up one morning and start prophesying? I don’t think that’s our message. The gift is like an engine and the process of stirring it up represents fuel.

We all know that an engine won’t function without fuel same as you won’t prophesy without stirring up the gift within you. That is why Apostle Paul challenged Timothy to rekindle (stir up or arouse from dormancy) the spiritual gift which was imparted in him when he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Thus, if you are serious about how to prophesy accurately, start stirring up that gift as from today. Pray and ask the Holy spirit to guide you throughout the process.

12. Eliminate fear

Over the years, fear has been a major drawback factor that holds many believers from growing in the prophetic. Many people are afraid to make mistakes while others are afraid of wrongly misinterpreting what they are seeing or hearing. We must always remember that fear is Satan’s tool to distract us from inheriting our heavenly blessings in the prophetic. Don’t be afraid to step out and listen from the Holy spirit. God loves to see us seeking to know His heart. Making a mistake or wrongly interpreting what we see or hear in the prophetic realm does not make you a false prophet.

A false prophet is considered so because of the motivations he has in mind. If you are not seeking for your own glory neither praise but that of God, then your intentions are clear. God who judges men from their hearts will bless you. Have you ever assisted and seen how messy the coming of a baby in the world looks like? But once everything has been cleaned up, the whole place is full with joy and happiness due to the baby. If you make a mistake in the prophetic, do not slow back in cleaning up the mess and moving ahead.

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13. Avoid dwelling on past mistakes

While many people are kept stagnant in the prophetic due to fear of making mistakes, others are bandaged in their past mistakes and won’t dare to make a single step ahead. The whole truth is that all these factors will prevent you from properly operating in the prophetic realms. Accept your mistakes, learn from them, and step ahead for there are better moments and experiences ahead of those who are courageous enough to persist.

14. God is always saying something to bless the body of Christ

We are the body of Christ. We are highly loved by God who is always speaking forth a blessing unto us. That’s why prophetic ministers are called upon to yield themselves to the spirit of God in order to speak forth blessings to the body of Christ. Genesis 1 reveals unto us how God spoke things into existence. He is still the same today. If He speaks a word in our lives, we can be sure of having everything changed.

15. Keep your mind alert

Because God is still saying something and will always say something, we as prophetic ministers must keep our minds alert especially when we ask a message from Him. At any moment, God can quicken a sentence, word, thought, or picture into our minds. Just a single word can get you going into the prophetic. That’s why the psalmist wrote that we are to open our mouths and allow God to fill it with words (Psalms 81:10). You’ll better understand this by pulling one string from the sweater. This single pull is capable of disintegrating the whole sweater.

This also applies for the prophetic ministry, keep your mind alert and a single word or inspired thought can get you going. While others wait to hear a big voice from the Sky through their physical ears to tell them what to do, it is not always the case. God dwells within us and also speaks within us. Just as Apostle Peter said that a prophet is master of the spirit within him, you can’t wait to have your mouth overridden by the Holy spirit. You are responsible for speaking out what the Holy Spirit is revealing in your mind.

16. Develop a high level of focus

You won’t get an accurate prophetic message if you are not focused. When you request for an accurate prophesy from God, believe that He can give more than what you are requesting from Him. Stay calm and clear your mind to receive anything that comes from God. Ask yourself questions like what do I see, what do I perceive, what do I smell, what do I feel, what do I sense, what thoughts am I receiving about this situation. When we read from Isaiah 21:3-4, we realize that God speaks to us through our spirits. At times, it might sound as if we are the ones speaking.

17. Respect the goal of prophesy

We do not prophesy haphazardly or for fun. Prophesy has a main goal to achieve within the body of Christ. If you perceive prophesy as fun, you are getting it all wrong and stand the chance of never being able to clearly hear from God. The end result of prophesy is to bring honor and glory to God’s Holy Name while bringing men and women closer to his presence through Jesus Christ. The spirit of prophesy is out to pour light within darkness and turn the hearts of the wicked and those that dwell in evil back to God (1 Corinthians 14:24-25).

The spirit of prophesy is not out to make fun of others nor judge or condemn them. It is rather out to encourage them with love to see the light that comes from Jesus Christ the giver of eternal life. In addition, the spirit of prophesy is out to set the hearts of the captives free and to restore man’s place before God through Jesus Christ our lord and savior.

18. Keep your mind holy

Apart from sending us inspired words, God can also manifest himself within us through our emotions. That’s why prophetic ministers must pay attention to every single emotional feeling they get instead of trying to kill it. Nevertheless, they must also seek to discern and make sure that it comes from God. Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 2:16 that we as Christians have the mind of Christ. Hence, we must filter all thoughts that come in our minds in order to keep them holy and make them dwelling places for God’s spirit.

19. Worship and praises

If you have asked and haven’t received, then it is time to seek and knock until the doors of heaven are opened up for the Holy spirit to come down with gifts to dwell within you. This can be done by regularly and continuously being in worship modes with God. Praises and worships are Christian tools that move the heart and hand of God to granting our wishes.

20. Believing in Jesus Christ

Believing in Jesus Christ is easily said than done. Most of us claim to be believers yet there are no believer’s fruits in our lives. Believing in Jesus Christ has to do with welcoming Him as the savior of the world, as the one and only truth, as the one and only way that leads to God the father creator of heaven and Earth. Believing in Jesus Christ has to do with welcoming and putting his teachings into practice.

If we as Christians can carry our daily cross to follow Him by living the kind of life He lived and requested us to live, He will bless us with every gift we request from Him. Jesus Christ did prophesy on several occasions, His disciples did the same and we can also do the same today. He promised that anyone who believes in Him will do the things He had done and even greater things (John 14:12).