Man dies of ‘sexual sweetness’: Malawi Police say prostitute committed no crime for being too sweet

Man dies of ‘sexual sweetness’: Malawi Police say prostitute committed no crime for being too sweet


A 35-year-old  highly sex-hungry man collapsed and died while romping  a prostitute who doused him with “sexual sweetness” in Phalombe district,  Malawi Police Service has confirmed.

Man dies of ‘sexual sweetness’: Malawi Police say prostitute committed no crime for being too sweet

Phalombe Police Station spokesperson, Innocent Moses has identified the deceased as Charles Majawa, who hails from Matepwe Village in the area of Senior Chief Kaduya in the district.

According to Moses, the incident occurred on Monday night around 09:40 hours and no foul play has been suspected.

“Majawa is said to have hooked a sex worker within the trading center and booked a room to quench his libido.  But he ended up collapsing and becoming unconscious while in the act,” confirmed Moses.

The sex worker notified her friends about the tragedy and later reported the matter to police.

The police and medical general practitioner from Migowi Health Center viewed the body and confirmed death.

His examination revealed that death was due to excessive orgasm which caused blood vessels in the brain to rapture.

He  died of too much sexual excitement and sweetness.

Police said the sex worker will not be prosecuted because she committed no crime by being too sweet for the man.

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