Man weds two wives at the same time

Man weds two wives at the same time

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Each time you thought you have seen itall, another mind blowing and unimaginable story will emerge from somewhere. At one point in time it has a twin ladies looking for one man to marry them both, but in this case it is one man marrying two wives.


It is clearly understandable that is traditionally correct for an African man to marry more than one woman, even getting married to 10 women is no issue, but making a wedding with two girls at the same time in unheard of.

Meet the Cameroon man who weds two wives at the same time
Meet the Cameroon man who weds two wives at the same time

The city of Douala, Cameroon has been in total chaos with everyone expressing mixed feelings of the publication of the wedding invitation of a secondary school teacher in the city of Douala.

The initation reads that Bruno is inviting family and friends to join celeberate his holy matrinony with his two lovers Aline and Fuetsa; all based in the same city.

Information going around incates that Bruno was secretly in love with these two ladies without each othe knowing. When they both finally discovered, they decided that nothing on earth can seperate their friendship, hence decided to approach Bruno telling what they found out.

To Bruno’s greatest surprise known of them was ready to leave him for the other so the both decided to have him for themselves; and that is how the relationship develops to  wedding.

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