Pastor Anita Oyakhilome's new husband

Pastor Anita Oyakhilome’s new husband


Pastor Anita Oyakhilome’s new husband

If we are talking of Pastor Anita Oyakhilome’s new husband, it is because there are strong indications that she has remarried. We received this information from Dawn-To-Dusk News. The website reported that pastor Anita Oyakhilome who happens to be the ex-wife of Pastor Chris has remarried. They made this affirmation which was supported by their sources.

On the 3rd of October 2016, it was reported by Dawn-To-Dusk News that pastor Anita had introduced “Schafer” to her maiden name. This introduction was made on one of her latest articles entitled “A simple Prayer”. The name which was visible to everyone on this article was Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer. Although this kept many people wondering, Down-To-Dusk News authoritatively proclaimed that she had remarried from the look of things.

The tangible fact that she had introduced Schafer to her maiden name let to the publishing of and article by Down-To-Dusk which went viral. This article was entitled “Anita Oyakhilome Sparks Marriage Rumors”. At the twinkle of an eye, this article had already been read by thousands around the world. However, the rate at which the news went viral was not strange given her personality. She was married to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and both served as senior pastors of Christ Embassy.

Sad to say but pastor Chris was happily married to Pastor Anita until Satan introduced the word “Divorce” in their marital home. Both were considered as great preachers of the Holy Scriptures. Through them, many have seen the light of God’s salvation and teachings. Unfortunately today, we are talking of their separation. However, many are still praying and fasting for their reconciliation while others are focused on throwing stones at them.

Pastor Anita Oyakhilome new husband

While those who are Satan-animated are happy to hear about Pastor Anita Oyakhilome’s new husband, faithful Christians are praying for a reconciliation. The scriptures clearly point out that divorce is not God’s Holy Will for his children. And as Christians, we out to pray and fast for our brothers and sisters who are down in the faith so that God can strengthen them. We have full confidence in God’s sufficient grace in restoring broken marriages.

Although many people are still doubting the fact that pastor Anita has remarried, there are strong evidences supporting the fact. Whatever the case, let’s put everything in God’s hands as we pray for His Holy Will to be done on Earth as in Heaven. We know that with God, everything is possible. We know that he is able to fix what men have spoiled. Unto him, nothing is impossible.

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Facts supporting the presence of a new husband

Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe runs an online Christian portal which can be visited at This online portal is linked to her verified Facebook page. She regularly writes articles on different subjects for publishing on this online portal. And she is the one responsible for approving all published comments on her website. If this saying holds, then we’ll invite you to have a look at the following screenshot revealing what she approved on her website.

Pastor Anita New Husband

Another confirmation of her remarriage was made by Frau Glauben on Wednesday, 12th October 2016. Frau’s congratulation for remarriage comment on pastor Anita’s website was approved and published. He wrote congratulating her for her new name and wishing her good time in her new life. He added that old things had gone and new were on the scene. Frau who was one of those who attended the ceremony further pointed out that it was a beautiful and exciting one. Check the screenshot below to confirm this saying.

Pastor Anita schaffer

Apart from Glauben’s comment which is clear, we can perceive two other comments indicating that Pastor Anita has opened a new page. In other words, she has moved on with her life. It is said around that Pastor Anita had a quiet wedding with a European man in the year 2016. From then, he became pastor Anita new husband. We can all remember that it was in 2016 that her union with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was dissolved. This took place in the High Court of Justice Principal Registry of the Family Division situated in the United Kingdom.

What does the Bible say about Divorce

Divorce is a crucial Christian topic that has been misinterpreted by many leaders thereby leading God’s children into deep pits. The Bible is our standard for life. Let’s read from Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:3-6 “Some Pharisees came to him and tried to trap him by asking, “Does our law allow a man to divorce his wife for whatever reason he wishes?” Jesus answered, “Haven’t you read the scripture that says that in the beginning, the Creator made people male and female? And God said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one. ‘ So they are no longer two but one. No human being must separate, then, what God has joined together.”

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By saying this, we realize that Jesus Christ has taken side. He is against Divorce because God hates Divorce. That why couples should always look for agreements and ways to resolve their marital issues without necessarily adopting the Divorce option.

Biblical views on remarriage

We hereby write about pastor Anita new husband because of the evidence at hand which a supporting the fact that she has remarried. Whatever the case, we pray that may God bless and guide her to accomplishing the mandate of service which was given to her from birth. Let’s profit to find out what the Bible says about remarriage. There are also lots of controversies concerning the aspect of remarriage in the modern church.

One thing which we are sure of is the fact that the Bible holds a clear knowledge on this subject. Let’s read from Luke 16:18 – “Any man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery” The scriptures are clear on this subject matter of divorce and remarriage. Looking further would be for your own personal teachings.

The voice of God is clear on the topic of marriage, divorce and remarriage. Let’s read more on this topic from 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 – “For married people I have a command which is not my own but the lord’s: a wife must not leave her husband; but if she does, she must remain single or else be reconciled to her husband; and a husband must not divorce his wife.

This brings us to the end of our writing on pastor Anita New Husband. You can as well read that on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome New Wife.

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