Shatta Bandle is a Ghanaian comedian, suffering from dwafism, who becaming famouse by challenging to be richer than Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote. Finally he reportedly engaged to another dwalf shorter than hisself and hopefully they might get married anytime soon.

Shatta Bandle Finally Got Engaged Finding A Perfect Match
Shatta Bandle Finally Got Engaged Finding A Perfect Match


Shatta Bandle’s life has been surrounded with a lot of controversy with some wondering whether this man who called himself “Short Rich Nigga” actualy possesses the amount of money he claims he has. He has been seen time and again parading the streets throwing of money and riding in big cars. Holding many beautiful girls and claiming some to be his girlfriend. But is this not all a film acting?


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Shatta is from a Ghanaian village with a very poor background and never went to school, he has disabilities and as a result seemily left helpless with almost no way to survive. His life was changed after being hired to do what he is doing. So what we are saying is that for Shatta Bandle to claim he has money more than Aliko Dangote is not because he truly has, but he is just doing his job. Showing off with beautiful ladies and riding in big jeeps is for thesame reason.

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Many people has always wonder if it is ever going to be possible for this Shatta Bandle guy to ever get married as in real life many girls run away from him due to his physical structure, coupled with the fact that he does not possess even 1/100 of the money he claims he has.

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But like they said “Every shoe has a leg to size it” and Shatta Bandle has found a perfect match and now engaged to marry anytime soon.

This story has shaken the social media, since he has develop a very huge fan base on the internet to promot his comedy. Shatta is only a comedian and certainly he shall get rich one day as his hard work has begin to pay-off.


One thing I enjoy about Shatta Bandle so much is that he is just doing what he knows how to do, and he is doing it in the best way ever. Wishing him the best of success ever.