Why Do Africans Show Solidarity For Crisis In Europe But White People Don’t For Africa?

Why Do Africans Show Solidarity For Crisis In Europe But White People Don’t For Africa?


With the advent of the internet and social media, the world has been put into a room, where one person can conveniently see what the other is going through, and also speak for or against it.

This has made good and bad news to fly across continents and peoples at the speed of light. And just as we have come to realize, the world is full of good news, bad news, misfortunes, disasters, and what have you.

Being an ardent follower of world news and events, over the years, we have seen how Africans have poured out their hearts in solidarity with Europeans and Americans when a disaster befalls them. But when the reverse is the case, the Caucasian world goes silent, except for a few media houses and individuals who show compassion and solidarity.

Some good examples were the Notre dame firethe mass shootings in Norwaythe Cyclone disaster in Mozambique, and just recently, the Xenophobia attacks in South-Africa and other African nations.

In all of these cases, we saw Africans writing heartwarming tributes to the victims of the various mass shootings, hurricanes, and other disasters, in Europe and America. More especially, the Notre dame fire.

We had Africans donating money to the rebuilding of the cathedral, while the entire continent was in some form of grief, for the fire. There were millions of Africans on Facebook and Twitter saying prayers for the Cathedral and defending the demon looking gargoyles that were seen on the cathedral.


Every time there has been a bombing in Europe (and the West generally), Africans will change their social media profile display picture to the Flags of the affected country, with inscriptions like “Pray for France, Pray for Norway, Pray For America” etc.  

But when the coin is turned and disaster hits Africa, the reverse is the case. There is basically little or no solidarity from the average white man and white woman in the streets of Europe and America. And we are not saying this to spite anybody or cause any divisions. No. We are only saying this because its what we have noticed over the years on the internet.

A case in study is the present Xenophobic attack by Black South-Africans on other African who live in South-Africa. Yes, the situation is pitiful to see a Black man fighting and killing his fellow black man. But where is the reaction and solidarity from the white community in South-Africa? Where are the reactions from the white society in Europe and America?

We are friends with many of them on social media, but hardly do you see a large spike in the use of display pictures that say: “Say No To Xenophobia”. No, we don’t see that. We don’t see a huge reaction and social campaign that says “Pray For Africa or Pray For South-Africa”.

All we see are Western media houses who are trying to out-do one another in the reporting of the chaos, killing and looting by Black South-Africans. And in their zeal to paint Africa as a crazy place, they followed the cue of some false reports about the identity of the drug dealer who shot a driver in South-Africa.


We are not delving deep into the recent xenophobic attacks. We are only trying to prove a point. And that point is that to an extent, the white-world does not care what happens to Africans. Their organizations might show up a little, because of their business in Africa and what they get to gain from their activities in Africa, but that is where it ends.

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Why Is This So?

No one can really say why there is much empathy from Africans towards disasters that befall the white man. Maybe is just Africans having a good heart and not holding onto the grudge of what the white man has done to Africa. Or maybe is just a case of ignorance and myopia on the side of the African, who has been brainwashed to believe that the white man is superior, and so his issues are superior.

One thing we might blame for this behavior is the indoctrination which the Western media does to Africans. Through movies, books, music, and other forms, Africans have been made to aspire to be like the white man, and abandon their land to seek greener pastures in the Caucasian man’s lands.

We can go on and on about the reasons why the African is always willing to show solidarity for issues affecting the Caucasian man, while the Caucasian man, most times do not care to show solidarity for what happens to the African. But we will stop here. We believe we have made a case, and it is left to the world around us to react to the observations we have put forward.

If we are to go by history and the body language of the Caucasian man towards the African man, for hundreds of years, then we would be right to say that the lack of empathy on the side of the Caucasian man is as a result of hate, envy, and a deep-dark wish to forever see Africans in suffering.

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Whatever the case might be, we only ask Africans to stand together and focus more on solving Africa’s problems the African way. This is because no one outside of Africa is coming to save us. Let us show more solidarity to the flights of our people, before taking our goodwill abroad. Yes, we have been told that the world is a global village and that we are one human race, but the behavior of our neighbors sometimes points to the contrary.

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