Women Can Now Pee While Standing. Is This Gender Equality?

Women Can Now Pee While Standing. Is This Gender Equality?

What a man can do a woman can do even better. Women can now pee comfortably while standing using a newly invented device called Pee-Puddy. This device has an opening on one end that is fitted on the woman’s private part and the other end has an extension which is penis-like. This extension help woman urinates comfortably while standing upright just like men.


Is this gender or quality or something else? Some religions critics are already arguing that it goes against God’s own plan of designing a woman, that God made a woman urinate in her natural way for a purpose, and that it is not the place of men to change the nature of God.

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However, the socialist school of thought claims that the invention of this device is of great importance and will save women from contracting certain genital diseases. This can be prevented particularly in public places where people who may have infectious diseases are normally using the toilet. A woman standing to urinate will save her from the risk of contracting diseases.

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